Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Fruity Pebbles Marshmallow Treats

               We all need a little nostalgia in our lives. As we all get older, it's nice to be able to have a little taste of yesterday. Like most children, I was a huge fan of rice krispie treats. I was also a fan of sugar cereal. It's funny how as you age, your palate becomes more sophisticated, and your tolerance of sweetness declines. I still have quite the sweet tooth, but it has become more refined. Well, with exception to this recipe.
           I recently saw an advertisement for "Fruity Pebbles Marshmallow Treats". Something about their artificial quality, seemed to resonate with me. It's two of my childhood favorites combined into one. There really isn't much to these little bars. They are made exactly like your basic rice krispie treat, only with fruity pebbles instead of the unflavored rice cereal. The fun colors are also much more vibrant,  These make a very fun snack for children, although they are not the healthiest option. Everyone needs a little break from reality, here's to nostalgia. 

You will need: 13 ounce box of fruity pebbles, 1/4 cup of butter/margarine (1/2 stick), 10 1/2 ounce (6 cups) package of mini marshmallows,  and white chocolate
Melt butter/margarine in double boiler ( or in bowl over a boiling pot of water) 

Once melted, add marshmallows.
Stir marshmallows until melted. Add cereal, and stir until well combined. 
place mixture into a greased 13x9in. pan. Place wax paper on top of the marshmallow crispy bars, and press to form an even layer.
Melt white chocolate and drizzle over bars. Once the white chocolate is dry, cut into 24 bars.
Recipe adapted from:Postfoods.com

Friday, July 6, 2012

Cotton Candy Rainbow Cupcakes

Normally, I would not choose to feature two cupcake posts in a row, but there was something about these particular cupcakes, that made it impossible to put them off. When I saw them, I instantly knew I had to make them. They are part baking adventure, and part art project. The colors are so fun and vivid (The brighter the better). They almost have a Lisa Frank vibe to them. Remember those colorful folders, trapper keepers, and pencils of yesteryear? Hard to believe there was a time, I actually wanted to be the “next Lisa Frank”, but that’s a whole other story.

 Since it’s July, I thought I’d make cotton candy flavored cupcakes. With the bright colors of the rainbow cupcakes, the cotton candy flavor seemed only logical. Cotton candy reminds me of summer. The smell, the taste, everything about it seems to have a nostalgic feel. It gives off a carnival/boardwalk aura. Though many people think cotton candy is strictly for children, it is actually making quite the comeback. Just visit tastyclouds.com, where you can try their famous“martini puffs”, and choose from over 30 gourmet flavors. 

I used the same recipe as the: oh-la-la-pink-bubblegum-cupcakes , because I figured that there is enough work entailed in making these colorful works of art. The only difference in the cupcakes is that I used cotton candy flavor oil. The key to making these cupcakes is working neatly as possible. The colors may seep through a little, but that’s okay. It’s all in good fun, and you can cover the tops with frosting anyway. You can choose to pipe or spread your frosting. I just effortlessly piped swirls on top of my cupcakes. Rainbow sprinkles make the perfect finishing touch, to these vibrant little treats.

You will need:

Six cups/bowls & spoons
Six different food colors (preferably gel-based food coloring)
Prepared cake batter (with cotton candy flavor oil)
Muffin tins
Cupcake liners (12-24 depending on how full you fill them)
Sprinkles (optional) 

Pre-heat your oven, and divide cake batter evenly into six cups.
Add desired amount of food coloring to each cup. (The color tends
to fade a little with baking, so make sure you add enough!)
Work backwards: start with the bottom of the rainbow (purple).
 Place a small amount at bottom of liner.

Next, top the purple batter with blue. Be careful not to mix the colors.

Add green ( I used turquoise)
 Note: add layers in small amounts, or you will run out of room for the top colors

Add yellow layer

Add orange layer

Top the cupcake with red ( I used pink instead) and bake as directed.
Baked cupcake 
Makes the liner look tie-dyed

So vivid!