Wednesday, May 23, 2012

If you like Pina Coladas... Pina Colada Cake Ball Truffles

You will need: prepared 9X13in. cake, 16 oz (or 1 can) of soft frosting. white candy coating, & gel food coloring, and pina colada flavor/candy oil ( I prefer LorAnn Oils)

I really wish I could just escape to a tropical island right now. Sandy beaches and crystal clear waves sound absolutely amazing. I am constantly reminded by the fact that I already have prior responsibilities, not to mention an intensive summer class starting soon. The possibility of escaping anytime soon, does not sound promising. 

I figured we all needed a little island getaway. The Pina Colada  is an iconic island drink. What better escape than a bite-sized version of it? Cake balls, are pretty much the same thing as a cake pop, except you do not have to worry about putting them on stick. 

I promise, they are just as good. They may even be a little easier to eat. You can decorate them however you like, but I recommend putting them in little bon bon wrappers or mini muffin liners. It just adds a little something more, and makes them look a little more professional. 

For you little five minute escape: Bon Voyage!

Bake a cake (preferably golden yellow cake) as directed, in a 9X13in. pan lined (and sprayed with pan release) with foil. cut the cake into four pieces , and place in a large bowl. 

crumble cake by rubbing each piece between your fingers. Make sure there are no large clumps. 
Add several drops Pina Colada Flavor oil to frosting. (enough to flavor the cake balls) Add 3/4 of frosting, and mix until it comes together. Add more frosting if it is too dry. 

Roll balls into uniform sizes. Think about the size of a truffle. Not too big, but not too small. 

Place palls on a wax paper lined baking sheet. Place balls in the  freezer for about 15 minutes (so that they can firm up).  Transfer to refrigerator until ready to coat.

Melt candy coating and 1tbsp. of shortening (helps keep the melted coating from thickening up)  until smooth. 

You can use a tempering fork, for coating the chocolate. I just made my own using a plastic fork.  

Take the chilled cake balls one by one, and hold them in the tempering fork, and spoon candy coating all over. Make sure to get an even coating. 

Allow them to dry on wax paper. Decorate as desired. I used the remaining candy coating, by deviding it up and adding food coloring. I then put them into plastic sandwich bags (Be sure to cut a small corner at the bottom), and piped the remaining coating onto the truffles.

Once dry, you can move them to the baking cups, and add any accents. 


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Cherri said...

They look like a nice bite of summer! I love how you styled them. It makes me want a Pina Colada!!