Thursday, August 18, 2011

Puppy Pupcakes

      The first time I ever came across a dog bakery, I was stunned! The amazing smell was the initial thing to hit me, when I walked inside. It smelled like someone had just baked a fresh batch of chocolate chip cookies. I was only able to confirm that it was actually a dog bakery by the racks of dog clothes along the wall. I made my way up to the glass display case, which held several birthday cakes, s'mores, truffles, and even pizza! I was informed that all of the ingredients were human grade. The only difference was that they did not use butter, oil, and chocolate which can be very harmful to dogs. They use carob (can be found at Whole Foods) instead of chocalate (can be lethal to dogs!). The "dog" birthday cakes were decorated with colorful yogurt frosting.  

  I only had one dog at the time, and he was more than excited to be there. I could not believe how real these little treats looked. My little black toy poodle Dallas, loved every bite. After seeing his enjoyment in these little gourmet delights, I began a tradition of buying a treat for his birthday, and Christmas. Since he is only 6lbs. it takes him a while to finish his treats.

   Last year, I got a tiny female Maltese. Versailles (her name) only weighs 3.2lbs at her full grown size. Needless to say, she is very spoiled. That is probably an understatement. She has a wardrobe that would rival any teenage girl, and the attitude to match. She has so much energy, which I love since she is so little. She is on a wheat and corn free diet, which makes it difficult to find treats that she can actually eat. I was surprised to find that many dog bakeries carry wheat free items! 

  This year has absolutely flown by! When I knew Versailles' birthday was approaching, I knew i needed something special. I have grown accustomed to shopping online, for her. They seem to have much more selection and clothing sizes available. I was looking for treats online (since most of the bakeries have switched), and I came across a puppy cupcake mix (which was wheat and corn free!). I knew I just had to get it. I could make freshly baked cupcakes that would be safe for both of my dogs. I also loved being able to bake, without having to worry about the calories. 

box: Mix came in
All I had to do was add: water and a couple of eggs!!

Yummy cupcakes!!!

And Again...

Versailles' presents

Versailles on her first birthday!!!

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